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System Security
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System Security
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Links and instructions on cleaning and securing your Windows 9x, 2000, and XP Home or Pro system.

Scan thoroughly for malware. Be sure that you running a firewall.
One should be active at all times when online.

Run these programs to check for adware/spyware/malware. After installing, be sure to
update them, then boot into safe mode and run them. You should update
and run Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D weekly.


Ad-aware SE

Spybot Search and Destroy

Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner

Pest Patrol Free Pest Scanner

If you’re still having problems after running these then run HijackThis
and post the log to one of the specialty forums,Be sure to follow thier
respective log posting protocol.It is very import that you do otherwise it
degrades the ability of search engines when trying to research the files
that are found. The logs must be hidden from google on certain threads.

Pacmans Startup List for checking 04 entries and running processes.

BHO and Toolbar List for checking 02 and 03 entries.

LSP List for checking 010 entries.

Startup List for checking O4 startup entries at

CWS Domains for checking R0 and R1 entries to see if they are CoolWebSearch related.

Forums That specialize in interpreting HijackThis Logs:

After your system is clean use these programs to help keep it clean:




For suspected viruses, start with Trend Micro's Sysclean. Download both it and the
signature file. First, turn off system restore, then boot into safe mode and run
sysclean. Boot back into normal mode and run a full AV scan with your
normal AV program. Then turn system restore back on.

Trend Micro Sysclean

Trend Micro Signature File

You should also regularly run at least two of these online scans in
addition to your regular up to date AV program:

Online and Downloadable Virus Scanning:

Panda ActiveScan

Bit Defender Online Virus Scan:

Symantec Online Virus and Security Scan:


McAfee Online Virus Scan:

RAV AntiVirus - Scan Online


McAfee AVert Stinger Virus Removal Tool

Note: Stinger looks only for a limited number of specific viruses.
It's not intended for full strength virus scanning and removal, but it
can help eliminate enough threats to allow you to install and scan with
a full featured AV program.]

Make sure you have a firewall active at all times. If nothing else use
the one built into XP, but ther are free third party ones
that do a better job than SP2's built-in from Sygate, Zone Alarm or Kerio. I recommend Sygate or Kerio over Zone Alarm.

Sygate Personal Firewall

Zone Alarm

Kerio Personal Firewall

Lastly check your system for vulnerabilities. Make sure you have all
the latest security patches from Windows Update too.
Windows Update
If you have Microsoft Office installed, Update it.
Office Update

Websites which will check for vulnerabilities:

Browser Security Tests:

Symantec Security Check

To help harden IE: (you should only use it for windows update)

1. disable ActiveX downloads of all kinds in internet zone

2, edit trusted zone site security to medium. Like you ever need a 'run anything, unprompted' zone.

3. add https:* and http:* to the trust zone

4. uncheck the 'require https in trusted zone' switch

the aim is to redefine "trusted" from "total access" to "prompted download active X controls", which is a serious enough undertaking that I dont want to enable it broadly. Only MS sites and spyware vendors seem to use it, after all

Here is the Ultimate Boot Disk
A boot CD written by Hiram with almost every tool or utility you will ever need. Burn it as an .iso in Nero.

Hiran's BootCD 6.0

Most Importantly, Download and use Firefox as your default web browser. Only use Internet Explorer for updating Windows.

Get Firefox!

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