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Angry Mob O' Hooligans

H4x0r 7h3 w0r|d

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Tips and tricks that everyone can use

D00d R|gh7(04stz l337 $k1LLz pWNz j00 4LL!!!

Read the history behind the hacker emblem
hacker emblem

Dowload Firefox and use it. It's far more secure than Internet Explorer.
Get Firefox!

Check your IP address....No, it isn't

|inx 2 |33Tn3ss

Here is the Ultimate Boot Disk
A boot CD written by Hiram with almost every tool or utility you will ever need. Burn it as an .iso in Nero.
Hiran's BootCD 6.0

Don't like the RIAA? Download stuff...
using BitTorrent
from or

Everything you ever wanted to know about real hackers
How-To be a Hacker

Learn the best language for flexible programming
Learn to hack with Python

What does "pwnz j00 4||" mean?
The Hacking Lexicon

You know you want to access all those Wi-Fi networks people seem to be putting in every home in America.

The RIAA's webpage hacked again!!!!!!!
RIAA h4x0r3d

Links To sites
Johnny's Google Hacking site

Adaware 6: (

Spybot Search & Destroy 1.3: (

TrendMicro's Housecall: (

HiJack This! and CWShredder: (

HijackThis Tutorial

Pacmans Startup List for checking 04 entries and running processes.

BHO and Toolbar List for checking 02 and 03 entries.

LSP List for checking 010 entries.

CWS Domains for checking R0 and R1 entries to see if they are CoolWebSearch related.

How to move e-mail

Top 10 Dark Tips:


10. Free, open source password manager: Keepass


9. WarDriving on your Macintosh: Kismac


8. Chipless Xbox mod


7. Three Quick Dark Tips

HBX - Free shell account for hacking:

Free email with no login:

Outbreak game:


6. Permanently destroy your media.


5. Play classic arcade games on your Xbox: Mame-X

This program has been taken down by the author. Google, anyone?


4. Stay anonymous online: Internet Anonym Pro 6


3. Linux distribution for hackers: P.H.L.A.K.


2. Recover lost Windows passwords




LC 5:


1. Capture and crack almost any password... and how to protect yourself from someone using it against you.

Cain and Abel

How can my countrymen not realize the "American Dream" isn't an SUV and a house in the suburbs; it's Don't Tread On Me.


Get Firefox!

Get Firefox!

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